Using new features in upgraded TFS 2012 Team Projects

Posted by Leo Vildosola - July 01, 2012


If you have a Team Project that was upgraded from TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 you can enable some of the new features such as Code Review, Storyboarding, etc. Of course you will need to be using the VS 2012 IDE for that. I don’t think you have such features accessible from the VS 2010 IDE. At least, not for now …

  1. Navigate to Team Foundation Server Web Access.
  2. Select Administer Team Foundation Server. (You may not have rights to do this.)
  3. Navigate to desired Team Project and select View the project administration page.

  4. Select Configure Features followed by Verify on the CONFIGURE FEATURES dialog.
  5. Configure. The process will detect which process template you are using and will automatically upgrade it to the corresponding one with support for the new features.

  6. Close. Enjoy!

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