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Posted by TJ Cappelletti - August 12, 2020

Jump Start Development with Dockerfiles


Download Dockerfile Starter Packs

The adoption of containers amongst organizations continues at an incredible pace. Containers have proven effective in a variety of uses as application and/or web servers. As you read many of the success stories people have had with greenfield applications using containers, many are wondering how they can leverage them for their legacy or monolithic applications. Often, teams simply struggle finding a starting point to even experiment with containers and their application. For reasons like this, InCycle has created a series of sample project Dockerfiles that organizations can use and immediately begin experimenting with.


Application Dockerfile Starter Packs 

With both our .NET Core and Java Spring starter packs, we show you how to take a Web API application and run it inside a container. The starter pack includes the prerequisites on what needs to be setup ahead of time in order to the run the sample. In addition, it provides a walk-through and explains how the solution works and why you want to do it that way. Follow the links below to take a closer look at them. 

.NET Core Sample Project & Dockerfile

Java Sample Project & Dockerfile
Python Sample Project & Dockerfile

Dockerfile Starter Packs 

A common scenario we see when working with organizations and teams is how to handle test data especially pertaining to databases. Many organizations struggle with how to effectively share databases amongst the developers or provided isolated environments for them to make changes. Some organizations run dedicated database environments which can be painful to developers and often cause changes to be easily lost. Others run full database engine on their local workstation requiring organizations to buy bigger hardware for developers. 

Docker has become an excellent tool to solve these issues. Both our MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server starter packs walk you through how to take your database and use it locally in a container. We explain the solution and why we recommend the approaches in the starter pack. Checkout the links below to take a closer look at them and to get started.

Download MySQL Sample Project & Dockerfile
Download SQL DB Sample Project & Dockerfile


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