There are many great updates for the TFS 2015 release!

Posted by Stephanie Long - December 01, 2015


There’s now an updated version of Release Management for Visual Studio 2015 which provides improves performance in the following areas:

  • The release management client launch page
  • Interactivity and rendering in other release management client pages
  • Integration of TFS security groups and Active Directory
  • Creation of new release

Scriptable Build System

The new scriptable build system is awesome because it’s a lot easier to develop and customize application build processes and also enables cross-platform application builds.  You’re able then to export to Power BI, SQL or your own tools for a deeper analysis. These are all massively huge for mobile application development!

Less Limitations & More Flexibility

Another great thing about this release is that it has less limitations and more flexibility for managing work. There are a number of enhancements to help customize Kanban boards, backlog and bug management views, work item forms, and even code editing right from the Web Portal

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