Introducing Azure DevOps Project

Posted by InCycle - November 16, 2017


Organizations are increasingly pressed to get to market faster. Competition is abound and market dynamics are rapidly changing --- creating new and innovative business opportunities. The leaders of tomorrow will not only move fast, but also, leverage the latest technologies and practices. 

Enter Azure. In response to business drivers, companies are either migrating apps to the cloud or developing new applications designed to "cheat time" by leveraging Azure services. Sounds simple, but a new challenges quickly surface: How do we advance? What services do we leverage? How do we configure each service and deploy apps? The answer to these questions depends on the services select and your desired application framework.

Enter Azure DevOps Project. Early this morning at Microsoft Connect, Microsoft announced the public preview of ADP (Yeah!). From within the Azure portal, the new experience allows users to easily create complete CI/CD pipelines leveraging Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). More importantly, ADP helps you quickly launch an app on Azure. Simply select the appropriate language (see screenshot below), framework, hosting type and desired Azure service. Point-and-click to complete the process. The new experince also allows you to set you up with everything you need for developing, deploying, and monitoring your app.

DevOps Project 1.png

Why Are Azure DevOps Projects Cool?

  • Fast start. Get up and running with a new app and a full CI/CD pipeline takes minutes.
  • Frameworks. Supports an amazing range of popular frameworks such as .NET, Java, PHP, Node, and Python.
  • Monitoring. Built-in Application Insights integration for instant analytics and actionable insights.
  • Foundation. When you are ready, you can then expand to customize your release pipeline (e.g., add a testing or staging environment), include DB support and much more.

Bottom line - The Azure DevOps Project aims to significantly lower the learning curve and make it easy to create an Azure resource with a working app deployed by using a DevOps pipeline. Powered by VSTS, ADP gives you a head start in developing and deploying your applications. The new experience packages and streamlines everything you need: code repository, CI/CD pipeline and Azure resources.. Safe to say, it’s never been easier to get started with a cloud app and a solid CI/CD DevOps process.

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