Microsoft Connect 2017

Posted by InCycle - November 15, 2017


Microsoft Connect() starts tomorrow! If you aren’t already familiar with Connect(), it’s a 3-day event showcasing how companies can achieve their software modernization objectives by building new and innovative apps using a mix of Microsoft and open source technologies. The event kicks-off with Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Executive Vice President, presenting the keynote. The event is live streaming from New York City, where Microsoft has over 75 engineering-led, on-demand sessions and live hands-on training planned for this event. Whether you are creating cloud native-applications, targeting the edge of devices and Internet of Things, infusing your apps with AI, or just getting started, Connect(); 2017 will provide the insights, tools and skills you need to build the apps of the future.  

InCycle is On Site!

Like last year, InCycle is participating on site in New York. We have several teams members including Nina Stringer (Business Development), Dan Shea (Service Director) and our President, Martin Rajotte on site to greet you. Between speakers, the team expects to meet many new and existing customers.  If we don't already have time scheduled, don’t be shy --- we’d be delighted to "talk shop" and learn how things are going. At the very least, please say "Hello" ;)

DAY 1 Top Picks

Wednesday is packed with exciting topics and speakers. Beyond the keynote, these are the three sessions that stood out to us and should be on everyones shortlist to attend or watch.

  1. 11:15AM: Building the intelligent apps of the future by Seth Juarez 
  2. 2:00PM: Application modernization with Microsoft Azure by Corey Sanders
  3. 4:00PM: Build intelligent apps with Microsoft data platform by Rohan Kumar
 Bonus Pick!

Also at 4:00PM, Brian Harry will present "Azure DevOps Simplified". If you are into DevOps or are already using VSTS/TFS or considering it, this session is a must see!

Enjoy, have a great day and let us know your favorite picks!

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