What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Posted by InCycle - July 11, 2019


What is Azure Cosmos DB?

The canonical answer is it's a globally distributed, multi-model database service for cloud-scale applications. Okay, so what does that mean and why do I need it??

Before we get into details, let's identify common challenges enterprise architects and development teams are experiencing when attempting to modernize existing apps and data,

  • Managing and syncing data distributed around the world
  • Delivering highly-responsive, real-time personalize information
  • Processing and analyzing large, complex data
  • Scaling throughput and storage based on global demand
  • Low-latency to global users

To address these issues, Azure Cosmos DB offers a globally distributed, multi-model database service for building apps that need to scale worldwide.. Interestingly, it's been powering Microsoft’s internet-scale services for years, and now it’s commercially available and ready to scale yours.

Azure Cosmos DB was built to support modern app patterns and use cases. It enables industry-leading organizations to unlock the value of data and respond to global customers and changing business dynamics in real-time. Cosmos DB is great for performance and data proximity use cases. Verticals that have found success include: 

  • Order Processing Pipeline
  • Product Catalog
  • PersonalizationCosmos DB Data Centers
  • Real-time analytics
IoT + Manufacturing
  • Device Telemetry
  • Device Registry
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Social Clans/Guilds
  • Leaderboards
  • Messaging
Financial Services
  • Audit Trail
  • Tax Forms
  • Risk Analysis
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Data Interchange
  • DevOps Dependency Management
  • Knowledge Graphs

Azure Cosmos DB makes global distribution easy. You can add Azure locations to your database anywhere across the world, at any time, with a single click. Cosmos DB seamlessly replicates your data and makes it highly available. Cosmos DB also allows you to scale throughput and storage elastically. Cool note, you only pay for the throughput and storage you need – anywhere in the world.

At InCycle, customer projects include:

  • Migrating from NoSQL, Cassandra and Mongo DB to Cosmos DB
  • Use cases that demands a real-time customer experiences
  • Modernizing apps that uses multiple data and consistency models

To conclude, Azure Cosmos DB is fully managed globally distributed database service built to guarantee very low latency and massive scale for modern apps.

Start free at www.AzureCosmosDB.com

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